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🔍Read Full Article Militant Skateboarders and House Musings

Militant Skateboarders and House Musings

0 Comments 🕔13:40, 11.Apr 2011

I know it has been a long time since my last post, but a lot has been going on. From some skateboarding, militant jerk taking out my driver-side mirror with a metal pipeto simultaneously selling our home and buying a new home, the past month and a half has been exhausting. In any event, between all this chaos I have neglected the blog, which is something I don’t tend to do often. The good news

🔍Read Full Article Tim Ferriss: Selling a Bill of Goods. When Will We Learn?

Tim Ferriss: Selling a Bill of Goods. When Will We Learn?

0 Comments 🕔18:05, 13.Jan 2011

I have long wanted to like Tim Ferris. I have tried time and time again to give him the benefit of the doubt. In some respect, I admire his complete lack shame, but as a recent New York Times article put it, “Mr. Ferris is the ultimate self-promoter.” Tim has a way of attempting to relate to the “common folk” while synchronously holding this holier than thou mentality. Based on his recent success, the majority of

🔍Read Full Article Streamline Your Business Systems

Streamline Your Business Systems

0 Comments 🕔22:00, 23.Oct 2010

Over the last few months I have been looking to streamline my business to the absolute necessities. I set out to accomplish two primary goals: (1) reduce expenses and (2) reduce administrative overhead, both constraints must be accomplished or I will not proceed with a given process redesign. My lofty goal; operate on a budget for less than $500 a month and free-up time. In the consulting business there is really only a handful of tools

🔍Read Full Article Top 7 Dos and Don’ts of Twitter

Top 7 Dos and Don’ts of Twitter

0 Comments 🕔14:21, 22.Aug 2010

In this months edition of Entrepreneur Magazine, they listed out some dos and don’ts pertaining to communication on twitter. Some of it is common sense type stuff, but some business-savvy small business owners may not fully understand these principles, especially if they are not part of the Y Generation.  Below is a recap of the article: Don’t Rants on politics Combining personal announcements and messages with marketing messages Hard-selling of your company’s products and/or services Cross-posting of the same content

🔍Read Full Article Small Business and Start-up Advice: Jason Fried

Small Business and Start-up Advice: Jason Fried

0 Comments 🕔15:08, 04.Aug 2010

This is a short blog post, but being a 37Signals fan, and a fan of author/entrepreneur/programmer/web designer, Jason Fried, I felt it warranted a short blurb. One of the biggest hurdles facing small businesses--especially in this economy--is the ability to adapt to the new environment. Meaning, the spending days of the early to mid 2000s is over, and the savings/cash reserve days are here, and here to stay for a long time. This idea also

🔍Read Full Article Apple: Guerrilla Marketing at its Finest

Apple: Guerrilla Marketing at its Finest

2 Comments 🕔07:28, 02.Aug 2010

Apple has quite the marketing strategy. Besides having a devoted following, which is difficult to obtain--much like trust, hard to obtain, easy to lose--Apple has beat the odds by having one of the best marketing and most influential frontman of our time; Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs aside, Apple’s entire marketing scheme should be one that most businesses should learn something from. For starters, Apple does not follow trends, they set them. While some would argue that