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🔍Read Full Article The Myth of the Millennial Generation

New The Myth of the Millennial Generation

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I was recently contacted by Julie Sweet, the associate editor at and she asked that I share an infographic her and her colleagures recently created. The infographic presents information about how Generation Y is an especially civic minded generation, despite the hardships they face in finding a job in today’s economy. was established in partnership with the UNC School of Government to be a helpful resource for aspiring public administration and government professionals. Our goal is to

🔍Read Full Article The Generation of No Homeownership

The Generation of No Homeownership

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Generation Y may be the first generation to shun the social norm and social pressures of homeownership. Face it, it has been drilled into us from day one that the American dream is built around the family and the family is built around the white picket fence, which surrounds the home the family owns. Now, there are pros and cons to owning and not owning a home and voicing opinion in favor of one or

🔍Read Full Article The Gen Y Email Signature

The Gen Y Email Signature

16 Comments 🕔11:58, 31.Aug 2011

While email is so Gen X the fact remains that we all--Gen Y included--still use, and will continue to use for the foreseeable future, email as our main method of electronic communication. Knowing this, how does one--specifically Millennials'--personalize their email signature? Everyone knows how Gen X'ers use email signatures. You know, name, title--usually very large font--company, phone, fax, mobile, home, address, email, mothers maiden name, etc…, but this boring and static signature does not exemplify

🔍Read Full Article Social Media: Are we sharing too much?

Social Media: Are we sharing too much?

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Those of us that proudly proclaim we are children of the Y generation know; sharing information about ourselves is about as second nature as driving a car (although many Millennials now ride least here in Portland). We tell the world where we are going, where we are at, and where we were. We tell the world all the mundane events that transpired for the day. We share our lives, the good and the bad

🔍Read Full Article Stop Sending Fucking Image Email Signatures!

Stop Sending Fucking Image Email Signatures!

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I receive a lot of email each day. I like to think it’s because I’m important, but the reality is the important people receive less email since they have other people filtering the messages before it hits their inbox. The problem I have—other than the fact I do not have a lackey filtering my messages—is I receive many emails with attachments. Yes, I know this is commonplace for everyone, but I would venture to say