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🔍Read Full Article The Myth of the Millennial Generation

New The Myth of the Millennial Generation

0 Comments 🕔13:48, 25.Mar 2014

I was recently contacted by Julie Sweet, the associate editor at and she asked that I share an infographic her and her colleagures recently created. The infographic presents information about how Generation Y is an especially civic minded generation, despite the hardships they face in finding a job in today’s economy. was established in partnership with the UNC School of Government to be a helpful resource for aspiring public administration and government professionals. Our goal is to

🔍Read Full Article The Gen Y Email Signature

The Gen Y Email Signature

16 Comments 🕔11:58, 31.Aug 2011

While email is so Gen X the fact remains that we all--Gen Y included--still use, and will continue to use for the foreseeable future, email as our main method of electronic communication. Knowing this, how does one--specifically Millennials'--personalize their email signature? Everyone knows how Gen X'ers use email signatures. You know, name, title--usually very large font--company, phone, fax, mobile, home, address, email, mothers maiden name, etc…, but this boring and static signature does not exemplify

🔍Read Full Article Social Media: Are we sharing too much?

Social Media: Are we sharing too much?

0 Comments 🕔13:01, 07.Aug 2011

Those of us that proudly proclaim we are children of the Y generation know; sharing information about ourselves is about as second nature as driving a car (although many Millennials now ride least here in Portland). We tell the world where we are going, where we are at, and where we were. We tell the world all the mundane events that transpired for the day. We share our lives, the good and the bad

🔍Read Full Article Do Businesses Still Need to Employ IT Professionals?

Do Businesses Still Need to Employ IT Professionals?

0 Comments 🕔13:48, 07.May 2011

IT Professionals: Necessary Evil, or Expendable Resource? A question more and more executives are asking is whether IT professionals are resolving issues for users or creating them by toying with the system that inadvertently ensures job security. Having worked with IT professionals at various companies and firms, I can tell you I have seen the good, the incompetent, and the unethical. Everything from technicians causing more problems than solving to IT “professionals” purposefully creating problems—be grateful I

🔍Read Full Article Facebook: Restate My Assumptions

Facebook: Restate My Assumptions

1 Comment 🕔04:15, 26.Jan 2011

So, I created an account and selected a few people to “friend.” Two I keep in close contact with and one that I haven’t spoken to in some time. Why so little? Well, one could insert the joke that their amazed I have any friends, but I am choosing to do it this way to see how the social network expands. My theory being that within only a few weeks time, I will have

🔍Read Full Article A Millennials Computer

A Millennials Computer

1 Comment 🕔12:21, 28.Nov 2010

My proclivities toward only purchasing Apple equipment aside, the MacBook Air screams Gen Y. Ignoring the fact that studies show Millennials have a greater tendency to remain brand loyal and are therefore willing to pay more for products they feel are ecofriendly and sensible, the MacBook Air is essentially built to meet their discrete requirements. Many will have you believe the MacBook Air is built with the business traveler in mind, and this very well might