Never, Never Move Closer to Work

Never, Never Move Closer to Work

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I hear it all the time, my commute sucks. I need to move closer to work. I drive too much. Traffic sucks. Gas prices are killing me. Road rage is taking years off my life. All the time I hear these people bitch about this crap…in many of the cases it’s the voices in my head, but I bet there are others out there.

Few us have the luxury of living in a locations where walking, biking or taking public transportation for less than ten minutes is a real option. The rest of us poor souls are forced to fend for ourselves, all choosing to wake, eat, drive, work, eat, work, drive again, eat, sex (if we’re lucky), sleep and for the most part on the same schedule. You’d think, we’d try and mix it up a bit. You know, hey, I’ll take the 6am shift, you take 615, you down the street go at 625 and so forth…no, we all decide 730 is time we move. 729 is fine, 730, you’re fucked.

No, I’m not talking about traffic patterns or peoples morning routines, however I am talking about the need for the feeling to move closer to work. Well, better plan on renting. That is unless you plan on taking a bath on real estate every 4.4 years according to the latest data coming out of Forbes. You know, I travel 12 miles one way from NW Portland, OR to Lake Oswego every morning and twice a week to our law firm in Newberg, OR which is 38 miles one from my home which no joy ride, but I’m in no way considering moving closer to work. Not for a minute. Why? I’m realistic. I’m less than a mile from my daughters private school. I love my area. I love my surroundings. I love my neighbors. I love my everything. If I were to leave or get fired, so be it. I’d find another job, but I wouldn’t move that’s for sure.

So, don’t move. Stay put. Screw moving. You’ll never stay at your job longterm anyway. Remember, you’re Gen Y. If you don’t get bored and move on, they’ll fire you anyway. Be smart and rent or buy where you want to live.

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