🔍Read Full Article Advice for First-Time Managers

Advice for First-Time Managers

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Advice for First-Time Managers, From First-Time Managers There’s often a period of uncertainty and confusion that comes with a promotion, especially when that promotion means also having to manage a new team of people. If you’re a first-time manager, you may feel a little uneasy about the fact that you’re now responsible for the growth and well-being of an entire team. To help you out, I spoke with a few recently-appointed managers and an executive coach to get

🔍Read Full Article The Gen Y Email Signature

The Gen Y Email Signature

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While email is so Gen X the fact remains that we all--Gen Y included--still use, and will continue to use for the foreseeable future, email as our main method of electronic communication. Knowing this, how does one--specifically Millennials'--personalize their email signature? Everyone knows how Gen X'ers use email signatures. You know, name, title--usually very large font--company, phone, fax, mobile, home, address, email, mothers maiden name, etc…, but this boring and static signature does not exemplify

🔍Read Full Article Social Media: Are we sharing too much?

Social Media: Are we sharing too much?

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Those of us that proudly proclaim we are children of the Y generation know; sharing information about ourselves is about as second nature as driving a car (although many Millennials now ride bike...at least here in Portland). We tell the world where we are going, where we are at, and where we were. We tell the world all the mundane events that transpired for the day. We share our lives, the good and the bad

🔍Read Full Article Are Multitaskers Really More Productive?

Are Multitaskers Really More Productive?

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I often hear—especially from the Gen Y crowd—that “I am a multitasker” and therefore more productive than those that are not. At face value that makes sense. Someone that can do more than one task at the same time should be able to complete more tasks in less time. Seems logical and even mathematically correct, however a recent study from Stanford University might change your mind. Generation Y professionals grew up in an environment where listening

🔍Read Full Article Stop Sending Fucking Image Email Signatures!

Stop Sending Fucking Image Email Signatures!

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I receive a lot of email each day. I like to think it’s because I’m important, but the reality is the important people receive less email since they have other people filtering the messages before it hits their inbox. The problem I have—other than the fact I do not have a lackey filtering my messages—is I receive many emails with attachments. Yes, I know this is commonplace for everyone, but I would venture to say

🔍Read Full Article Learn to write succinctly to enhance communication skills

Learn to write succinctly to enhance communication skills

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Many people have a difficult time being able to summarize their thoughts into a clear, simple sentence that is both coherent and succinct. It is in our nature to expand a single sentence into three sentences. Why? It’s not because we are all novelists or poets writing 10 descriptive words about a single flower without writing it is a flower, it is primarily because people have a difficult time dropping inconsequential details and words. Additionally,

🔍Read Full Article Do Businesses Still Need to Employ IT Professionals?

Do Businesses Still Need to Employ IT Professionals?

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IT Professionals: Necessary Evil, or Expendable Resource? A question more and more executives are asking is whether IT professionals are resolving issues for users or creating them by toying with the system that inadvertently ensures job security. Having worked with IT professionals at various companies and firms, I can tell you I have seen the good, the incompetent, and the unethical. Everything from technicians causing more problems than solving to IT “professionals” purposefully creating problems—be grateful I