🔍Read Full Article Cybersecurity: Growing Like Topsy! – Repost

Cybersecurity: Growing Like Topsy! – Repost

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During my undergraduate years I was fortunate enough to meet some incredibly smart professors, and in some cases lucky enough to take some of their courses. Dr. Richard Bloom is by far one the smartest, most well-informed people I know. Dr. Bloom’s professional experience includes service with the U.S. government as an intelligence operations manager, politic-military planner, and military clinical psychologist. Currently, he is the Chief Academic Officer at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University. The following post is

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Generation Y: Time versus Money

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While the specific date range of how to classify Generation Y seems to be problematic, most acknowledge members of Generation Y were born sometime between 1978 and 1982. This is critical to understanding the progression of generations. Generation Y grew up with computers, cell phones and with parents congratulating them for simply showing up to play. The mentality of Generation Y is vastly different from previous generations; this difference is causing conflict in the workplace,

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How to Spot an Unethical IT Firm

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Recently, I wrote an article about fast money versus building lasting, meaningful vendor relationships with a client. I further explained how the technology industry is rampant with fast money firms second to mechanics. This all fine and good, but I have been asked readers on how do you spot an unethical IT firm? How does one know when they are being taken to the bank if they have little to no technological background? This mostly

🔍Read Full Article Generation Y: How They Are Not Like Everybody Else: Part 1

Generation Y: How They Are Not Like Everybody Else: Part 1

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In a study conducted by Angela Williams (2007), she found that one of biggest generational differences in the workforce—not just Gen X, but between all generations—is their differing attitudes toward authority. Generally speaking, employees within the workplace have but three choices when dealing with authority or traditional viewpoints: (1) accepting, (2) questioning, or (3) rebelling. The Baby Boomers were traditionally brought up with the mentality to respect authority and the hierarchy of the workplace. This

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Devising a Problem Statement

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Constructing a Proper Problem Statement All dissertations begin with a problem. Something the researcher sees as a potential problem and testing and evaluating his or her concept of the problem. In the simplest form, a proper problem statement can be broken down into four specific questions: 1: What is the problem in one sentence. 2: That is the specific problem in one sentence. 3: What is the research design in one sentence. 4: What is the population of the research. Take

🔍Read Full Article The Network Effect: Marketing Implications

The Network Effect: Marketing Implications

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Network effect is the phenomenon whereby a service or product becomes more valuable as more people use it, thereby encouraging ever-increasing numbers of adopters. A good example of this would be Microsoft’s Office product that shows how useful it is to use the same product used by many other people. The returns achieved through increasing market shares do not diminish over time, but grow in a reversal of the “law” of diminishing returns. The way the