🔍Read Full Article Do Businesses Still Need to Employ IT Professionals?

Do Businesses Still Need to Employ IT Professionals?

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IT Professionals: Necessary Evil, or Expendable Resource? A question more and more executives are asking is whether IT professionals are resolving issues for users or creating them by toying with the system that inadvertently ensures job security. Having worked with IT professionals at various companies and firms, I can tell you I have seen the good, the incompetent, and the unethical. Everything from technicians causing more problems than solving to IT “professionals” purposefully creating problems—be grateful I

🔍Read Full Article Host Your Own Media, Or Outsource It: Vimeo or YouTube?

Host Your Own Media, Or Outsource It: Vimeo or YouTube?

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I have been on a recent kick of outsourcing most of the tasks and systems that originally resided in-house. For example, my recent articles on the benefits of Evernote and Dropbox. Well, this mantra has now carried over to media as well. I still keep my iTunes music, financials, copies of my business and personal files, and personal videos onsite—housed on my servers—however media for my websites and public domain, such as for this blog,

🔍Read Full Article Experiment: Going Digital – Giving up Pen and Paper for a Week: Part 2

Experiment: Going Digital – Giving up Pen and Paper for a Week: Part 2

1 Comment 🕔12:00, 26.Aug 2010

OK, it has been a little over a week, and its time I present my findings. First and foremost, for someone such as myself that enjoys both the digital world and conventional methods of workflow, I found it very difficult to abandon old habits. Once I got over this hurtle—about three days into the experiment—I found the conversion to be much simpler. I take notes on just about everything; conversations, tasks, ideas, etc… Needless to

🔍Read Full Article WordPress Caching: Best Caching Solution

WordPress Caching: Best Caching Solution

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I must admit that there was a time in my life that I enjoyed tweaking systems and “playing” around with different settings to see (a) what would happen and (b) how I could improve performance. Well, that time has pasted and I now simply want things to work out of the box with little to no tweaking. I simply don’t have the time, or inclination to participate in such behavior. This is one reason I love

🔍Read Full Article Renew Self Signed SSL Certificates

Renew Self Signed SSL Certificates

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Our technical consulting group recently received a call from one of our clients' IT department reporting users were unable to connect to an internally hosted Exchange 2007 server from Outlook 2007 utilizing RPC over HTTPS, however, OWA (Outlook Web Access) was working and behaving normally. One of the first steps our consulting group performs is research and fact-finding. They ask simple, yet high-yielding questions. What has changed in the network? When did the problem first appear? Is

🔍Read Full Article Incorrect Received Date

Incorrect Received Date

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Recently, we upgraded one of our internal Mac servers from 10.5.8 to Snow Leopard. While on the surface, this upgrade seemed to have successfully completed, users started experiencing strange issues with mail items; specifically, with the Apple Mail client and messages showing a received date of 11/26/2020. Our stellar IT staff investigated this, and determined that it somewhere during the upgrade our mail store became corrupt. This corruption specifically happened when Snow Leopard began upgrading mail