🔍Read Full Article Software Advice’s BAE Principles

Software Advice’s BAE Principles

3 Comments 🕔09:53, 26.Sep 2013

Recently, Software Advice wrote on their Bad-Ass Execution Principles -- a modern take on the classic guide to organization by David Allen, Getting Things Done. They’ve taken a proactive approach to prioritization and organization and have updated the principles to reflect the use of web-based applications like Basecamp, Gmail and Google Calendar. Getting Stuff Done Around the office, Software Advice uses a more colloquial expression, but you get the gist of it. Write it down. If you want to

🔍Read Full Article Are Multitaskers Really More Productive?

Are Multitaskers Really More Productive?

0 Comments 🕔15:47, 08.Jun 2011

I often hear—especially from the Gen Y crowd—that “I am a multitasker” and therefore more productive than those that are not. At face value that makes sense. Someone that can do more than one task at the same time should be able to complete more tasks in less time. Seems logical and even mathematically correct, however a recent study from Stanford University might change your mind. Generation Y professionals grew up in an environment where listening

🔍Read Full Article Optimal Number of Monitors to Increase Productivity?

Optimal Number of Monitors to Increase Productivity?

0 Comments 🕔11:58, 19.Nov 2010

In my last post, I explained how one of my monitors temporarily went belly-up. Up until that point, I was running a 3-monitor setup using Apple Cinema Displays. My rationale for having a triple-monitor setup was simple; boost productivity. I felt I was more productive. I was wrong. While I was repairing one of the three monitors, it forced me to transition to two. While it certainly removed the “cool” factor of having a three monitors

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Streamline Your Business Systems

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Over the last few months I have been looking to streamline my business to the absolute necessities. I set out to accomplish two primary goals: (1) reduce expenses and (2) reduce administrative overhead, both constraints must be accomplished or I will not proceed with a given process redesign. My lofty goal; operate on a budget for less than $500 a month and free-up time. In the consulting business there is really only a handful of tools

🔍Read Full Article Task Management: Do We Complicate the Task at Hand?

Task Management: Do We Complicate the Task at Hand?

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As I have written about before, there are a number of task management applications available for just about every platform imaginable. Of course, the simplest form being pen and paper. This is not a bad solution for many and sometimes the most logical way to go. However, even with the pen and paper method, there is a right and wrong way to take and record notes. Ask any successful college student and they’ll tell you that

🔍Read Full Article Proactive vs Problems: Business Logic

Proactive vs Problems: Business Logic

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One of the more recent buzzwords being thrown around the office by managers and executives alike is “proactive.” So, what does it mean to be proactive? If one were to consult, it is defined as serving to prepare for, intervene in, or control an expected occurrence or situation. There in lies the problem, how does one effectively control an unexpected event? If the event prior to the unexpected event were controlled, then the unexpected