🔍Read Full Article Stop Sending Fucking Image Email Signatures!

Stop Sending Fucking Image Email Signatures!

1 Comment 🕔13:02, 23.May 2011

I receive a lot of email each day. I like to think it’s because I’m important, but the reality is the important people receive less email since they have other people filtering the messages before it hits their inbox. The problem I have—other than the fact I do not have a lackey filtering my messages—is I receive many emails with attachments. Yes, I know this is commonplace for everyone, but I would venture to say

🔍Read Full Article Feed the Ever Growing Ego of Tim Ferriss: What’s in it for Tim Ferriss?

Feed the Ever Growing Ego of Tim Ferriss: What’s in it for Tim Ferriss?

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I have made it very clear on this site about my conflicted feelings toward Tim and his holier-than-thou attitude. It is almost a love/hate relationship; on one hand I admire his “life hacking” abilities and on the other I find it abhorrent for his complete lack of shame. Recently, I caught wind of a “high-end” event— Tim being egocentric enough to refer to this event as being comparable to TED—that Tim will be holding for 200

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They Killed My Car

0 Comments 🕔16:53, 24.Oct 2010

Well... where do I start... I take pride in keeping my possessions in tip-top shape, but there is little one can do when someone else slams into the side of ones car in an attempt to cross two lanes of traffic to avoid getting on the freeway. That's what happened to me. The kid seemed like a nice, honest guy, but driving in Oregon, at night, with heavy rain, one expects other drivers to already

🔍Read Full Article The Dude Abides

The Dude Abides

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As many of you have noted through emails, the blog has been somewhat quiet over the last month. All I can say is; the dude abides. Having been caught up in numerous projects and seemingly endless mundane tasks that would probably satisfy that sense of normality that any sane person so eagerly strives for, but this man has nothing but contempt for normality. In an attempt to come down from the monotony of the day, I decided

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2 Comments 🕔11:57, 17.Oct 2010

I was recently reading an article over at LifeHacker about the real/perceived benefits of moving to a simplified lifestyle. Rarely do I make my way through the comments as frankly, I am not interested in what most readers have to write, however one of the very first comments got my attention. Not for its wittiness or profound insight, rather for its absolute stupidity. Its one of those moments that ones head actually hurts after reading. The

🔍Read Full Article Change: For Better or Worse

Change: For Better or Worse

2 Comments 🕔13:00, 24.Sep 2010

Most know, and understand that people are adverse to change. This aversion not only applies to negative change, but positive change as well. It is safe to say that moving from positive to a negative is not a pleasant experience, thus the apprehension toward the change action is reasonable and therefore logical, but what if the change is from a negative to a positive? Do will still oppose said change even when it is better for