🔍Read Full Article Do Businesses Still Need to Employ IT Professionals?

Do Businesses Still Need to Employ IT Professionals?

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IT Professionals: Necessary Evil, or Expendable Resource? A question more and more executives are asking is whether IT professionals are resolving issues for users or creating them by toying with the system that inadvertently ensures job security. Having worked with IT professionals at various companies and firms, I can tell you I have seen the good, the incompetent, and the unethical. Everything from technicians causing more problems than solving to IT “professionals” purposefully creating problems—be grateful I

🔍Read Full Article Militant Skateboarders and House Musings

Militant Skateboarders and House Musings

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I know it has been a long time since my last post, but a lot has been going on. From some skateboarding, militant jerk taking out my driver-side mirror with a metal pipeto simultaneously selling our home and buying a new home, the past month and a half has been exhausting. In any event, between all this chaos I have neglected the blog, which is something I don’t tend to do often. The good news

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Streamline Your Business Systems

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Over the last few months I have been looking to streamline my business to the absolute necessities. I set out to accomplish two primary goals: (1) reduce expenses and (2) reduce administrative overhead, both constraints must be accomplished or I will not proceed with a given process redesign. My lofty goal; operate on a budget for less than $500 a month and free-up time. In the consulting business there is really only a handful of tools

🔍Read Full Article Generation Y: Time versus Money

Generation Y: Time versus Money

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While the specific date range of how to classify Generation Y seems to be problematic, most acknowledge members of Generation Y were born sometime between 1978 and 1982. This is critical to understanding the progression of generations. Generation Y grew up with computers, cell phones and with parents congratulating them for simply showing up to play. The mentality of Generation Y is vastly different from previous generations; this difference is causing conflict in the workplace,

🔍Read Full Article Experiment: Going Digital – Giving up Pen and Paper for a Week: Part 2

Experiment: Going Digital – Giving up Pen and Paper for a Week: Part 2

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OK, it has been a little over a week, and its time I present my findings. First and foremost, for someone such as myself that enjoys both the digital world and conventional methods of workflow, I found it very difficult to abandon old habits. Once I got over this hurtle—about three days into the experiment—I found the conversion to be much simpler. I take notes on just about everything; conversations, tasks, ideas, etc… Needless to

🔍Read Full Article How to Spot an Unethical IT Firm

How to Spot an Unethical IT Firm

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Recently, I wrote an article about fast money versus building lasting, meaningful vendor relationships with a client. I further explained how the technology industry is rampant with fast money firms second to mechanics. This all fine and good, but I have been asked readers on how do you spot an unethical IT firm? How does one know when they are being taken to the bank if they have little to no technological background? This mostly